Selected DOT Legislation Sent to Congress

The GROW AMERICA Act--03/30/2015

The GROW AMERICA Act--04/29/2014

Federal Aviation Insurance Reauthorization Act of 2014 -- 03/31/2014

Maritime Administration Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013--04/16/2012

Pipeline and Hazardous Material Transportation Safety Reauthorization Act of 2011 --09/16/2011

Strengthening Pipeline Safety and Enforcement Act of 2010 --09/14/2010

A Bill to provide authority to compensate Federal employees for the two-day period in which authority to make expenditures from the Highway Trust Fund lapsed, and for other purposes --03/08/2010

Public Transportation Safety Program Act of 2009--12/07/2009

Maritime Administration Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2009--05/14/2008

A Bill to Amend SAFETEA-LU to Allow a State to Use Funds from a Grant Under Section 2010 to Promote the Use of Motorcycle Helmets--02/13/2008

Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing Reform Act of 2007--08/02/2007

Maritime Administration Enhancement Act of 2007--07/18/2007

Next Generation Air Transportation System Financing Reform Act of 2007 (FY 2008-10)--02/14/2007

Federal Railroad Safety Accountability and Improvement Act (FY 2008-11)--02/13/2007

Pipeline Safety and Reliability Improvement Act of 2006--06/06/2006

New CAFE Standards for Passenger Automobiles--05/10/2006

St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation Enahancement Act--06/08/2005

Passenger Rail Investment Reform Act--04/13/2005

Research and Special Programs Reorganization Act--09/17/2004

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2005-2007 Authorizations--03/12/2004

Cape Town Treaty Implementation--11/18/2003

Passenger Rail Investment Reform Act--07/28/2003

Federal Railroad Safety Improvement Act (FY 2004-07)--07/11/2003

Maritime Administration Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2004--06/13/2003

Safe, Accountable, Flexible, and Efficient Transportation Equity Act of 2003 (SAFETEA)--05/14/2003

Centennial of Flight Aviation Authorization Act (FLIGHT-100)--03/25/2003

Title 46 (Shipping) Restatement--11/10/2002

2003 USCG Authorization--10/25/2002

Amendments to the Rail and Mass Transportation Anti-Terrorism Statutes--08/23/02

Amtrak Financial Assistance Authorization--07/11/02

Federal Railroad Safety Improvement Act (FY 2003-06)--07/08/02

Maritime Administration Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2003--06/05/02

2000-2007 Hazmat Reauthorization--10/10/2001

2001-2002 USCG Authorization--7/25/2001

Vehicle Safety Defect Amendments--9/11/00

2000-2001 USCG Authorization--4/12/00

Pipeline Safety and Community Protection Act of 2000--4/11/00

Vehicle Safety Act Amendments--3/24/00

A Bill to authorize appropriations out of the Highway Trust Fund for the motor vehicle safety programs of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for fiscal year 2001--2/29/00

Maritime Administration Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2001--2/28/00

Emergency Relief Reserve Act of 2000--2/28/00

Surface Transportation Board Reauthorization Act of 1999--10/15/99

Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation Performance Based Organization Act of 1999--8/3/99

Motor Carrier Safety Act of 1999--7/30/99

Federal Railroad Safety Enhancement Act of 1999--7/26/99

"Public Aircraft" Definition--7/15/99

Woodrow Wilson Bridge Funding--6/28/99

2000-2001 Maritime Administration Authorization--3/16/99

Airline Passenger Fair Treatment Act--3/10/99

2000-2001 USCG Authorization--3/4/99

2000-2005 Hazmat Reauthorization--2/16/99

1999-2004 FAA Reauthorization--2/8/99